Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Woke to day to gloomy weather. It was still warm enough to crack the windows and let the fresh air in. About a week ago I started an exercise program to try and lose some weight. I didn't get my exercise in yesterday so I guess i will have to make it up this week but going 40 min instead of 30 min. I am tired of being overweight but am frustrated that this is going to take a while to take off. Anyway had to grocery shopping not my favorite thing to do.While there I watched a mom struggle with a screaming child. I could see the frustration on her face. She commented that she didn't understand why the child was acting like a brat to her husband. I could tell the child was tired but on top of that later I seen her buying a candy for the child to shut her up. It worked. The child has learned to act up so she gets candy from what I observed. The mother wasn't happy with me when I suggested she not reward her bad behavior and see if she stops acting up in the store. I know I should have kept my thoughts too myself but I couldn't help it. I have seen so many parents now a days wondering why the child doesn't behave when simple observations would soon show you why they act like little monsters. Okay off the soap box for now. I came home and watched old episodes of Bones. I love the forensics of this show. I like the how and why of the show. And now I need to get my kids to go to sleep because they have school in the morning. Thanks for listening to my vent for today.

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  1. Don't you hate it when you see kids acting out and the parents are clueless.

    There should be a permit to become a parent.